I am a mother, wife, step mother, friend, daughter and sister. Professionally, I have been in financial services over 20 years in a variety of people leadership, client relationship management and coaching roles. 

What made you want to work with Rochelle Price Wayfinder? 

A new career opportunity appeared before me, inspiring me to want to be in the best position possible to be successful in this. Having known Rochelle in a different age and stage in my life, knowing what she does professionally, I reached out to her to provide guidance for this opportunity. 

During this process my l took many small steps to enrich my dream life. Then my world was turned upside down through events beyond my control. Rochelle assisted me navigating through in managing these turbulent times. 

What was the reason for you joining Rochelle? 

Is her service what you expected?

Already grateful for the life I lead, living a life of gratitude, I had healing to do in order to take myself to another higher level which I desired. Realising that its not just the road I have travelled that has shaped who I am today, but that there will be bumpy roads ahead of me in life too, Rochelle has provided me tools for life to assist at these times as well as to extend my own growth. I didn’t know what to expect having only ever had coaching within my organisation that hasn’t focussed on me, my well being and my outcomes. I am grateful for Rochelle being that accountability angel and for challenging me to always ask what can I do and what else is possible. 

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Rochelle ?  

JFDI. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. You really are your biggest investment. Your eyes will open wide to possibilities and even if you find that your initial reason for starting later seems irrelevant, the changes I have had as a result of my time with Rochelle to help heal, grow and navigate I will be forever grateful for. 

In ONE WORD how would you describe the Wayfinder process? 


I am a strong, resilient, positive, open minded, emotionally intelligent person who has a successful career, nice home, loving husband, loved children, travels and enjoys life everyday, always grateful for what I have. I have always believed I was this way because I have dealt with plenty of ‘crap’ which has made me stronger each day. I have focussed my decisions to create a life with less ‘crap’ for my family and plenty of joyful experiences. Through this process, I have learnt I need to make these decisions for me, that I am not responsible for others happiness, just mine. The rest will follow. 

Having been to plenty of counselling sessions when ‘crap’ happened to help me get through, which I acknowledge have had their purpose at the time, none of them has left the lasting impact that my time with Rochelle has. 

Shannon is mother, partner, entrepreneur, regenerative earth lover, regenerative natural small scale market gardener, owner of Backyardjem.  

What made you want to work with Rochelle Price?

My teenager was going through issues which triggered me and my family, and everything felt like it was breaking down around me and I couldn’t cope with life being thrown at me. Overloaded with life’s stresses, trying to do everything and only half pie succeeding, had visions/ideas, but limited tools to to function at my best with anything and everything. It felt like I was just there, and not enjoying anything within life, just doing. 

What was the value?

Empowerment in every aspect of life. Figuring out my boundaries, values, vision and owning them. Who I want to be, where I know I want to go, giving me the tools and awareness to have and see my enjoyment every single day. 

More conscious of every aspect of life. Having a great life for and with  me and my family, friends, business. Knowing how to say no and feeling good with that. Knowing it’s good to look after me too and gaining my energy, vibrancy back.

In business allocating time, sharing the load, feeling financially secure, growing the business, cementing where the vision is heading, thinking big and expecting it, simplicity, challenging and removing my insecurities with me within the business. 

What was the reason for you joining Rochelle and it is what you expected?

We had a discussion  where she called me out, not to be a hippocrate. I knew it but didn’t want to know it. 

I really didn’t know what to expect, I just wanted to fix it all. Over time simplicity, calm, flow came with all the tools and understanding. Now that I look back from the start to now and beyond it far exceeded what I possibly thought it could/would or should. Truly cemented. 

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Rochelle Price? 

Just do it. WHO you become out ways everything else. 

Describe the Wayfinder process in one word: 


Truly empowering of every aspect of your being and journey when you choose to let go and do it

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