What is Energy Healing?

Healing by definition is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

We seek support most often for physical healing of the body when sick or wounded.

We see council or therapy for healing our minds or emotions.

This type of healing seems obvious because it is tangible.

Every domain of our life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual is founded in energy, an energy system.  So the spiritual and whole energy system often requires healing too.

Energy is a force, a frequency or power.  Often this power itself goes unseen, yet it creates something.

The wind blows and moves the trees, music reaches yours ears and ignites your soul, words you read or listen to have an impact.

Your body is made of of a trillion cells – particles you do not even consider but every moment there energy creates YOU!

Everything in our world is made up of matter that vibrates at a frequency of energy.

And we are impacted by it all.

We usually live life unaware of the energy we are, we create or attract. We usually call it “our lot” or accept is as normal with no question.

Our energy systems holds blocks, flow, limitation, possibility, potential.  This in turn can create pain, pleasure, our behaviour, injury, disease and so on.  Addressing or healing the energy system can change how any of these every day events show up.

By working with an energy healer, change can be facilitated in your energy system which will then allow changes in your world – how you behave, think, act, feel and attract. 

Rochelle has trained in and uses a range of energy healing modalities, while honouring the healing wisdom her ancestors have passed onto her.

If you are curious you can learn about the modalities here: Access Bars, Theta Healing, Access Body work, Soul Energy Clearing.

A 50minute session with Rochelle online or in person is unique to you and your requirements. Often once you commit to investing in clearing and amplifying your energy system changes begin. Be warned it can feel heavy and you may even feel like you do not want to follow through with your session/s. This is very normal. Remember the new pair of shoes you wanted for so long, they pinched at first and you longed for the comfort of your old pair? Then before you knew it then new pair became your new normal without you realising. Energy healing can be the same. Something inside tells you you want and need it. You commit and then the resistance comes up. Stay the course and follow through, the experience will create your new norm.

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