Ko au – I am

Rochelle Price -Wayfinder

Many generations ago my ancestors arrived by waka (canoe) onto the shores of Aotearoa (New Zealand).  They navigated their way from islands in the Pacific to this unknown land using the stars, the moon, the currents of the sea, the sun and many tohu (signs) from animals.

As Wayfinders’ they were deeply connected to the world around them and in turn had a deep connection with themselves. Leading their people to prosperity.

Imagine having the courage, calm and connection that would allow you to navigate unchartered waters into unknown possibilities??

My life’s journey has bought me over time to realise and to honour my Māori ancestors wayfinder capabilities.   I am a wayfinder.

I have always empowered others.  As a teacher I have guided and mentored all ages.  As a facilitator I have stood beside individuals, teams and organisations to find their own unique way rather than imitating the masses.  As a coach I now work with successful leaders to find their calm, courage and connection.

I was a successful high performing professional.  Leading teams. Innovating.  Speaking across Australasia as a thought leader in education.  I loved it.  

After having my first child I went into a state of depression.  Despite being forewarned due to experiencing my mother’s depression, it happened to me.

What I realised eventually, was that the depression was signalling a change.  My life had been about living up to others expectations, my own expectations were either completely void or so high and unattainable.  This constrained my life to the point that something had to change.

My first warning sign came with a health scare. A tumor which had I not acted on when I did was on the way to cancer.  Then before the biggest mac truck moment a series of spiritual messages came through from my ancestors but I brushed them off. 

Who listens to that hogwash anyway?

What I could not brush off was an extremely unwell child who was referred to a spiritual healer, of whom I had never met. She told me things that she could not have known and bought messages from many of my ancestors.  Thank goodness my daughters health changed dramatically within the hour because of this healer.  It was all so unbelievably believable that my husband felt from that point he no longer knew who I was and we separated after 15 years together. 

My life took a turn. For the better. Though it did not feel it then.

Today I am proud to have connected with my inner purpose, my ancestors wayfinding wisdom and I honour myself and my gifts.  I courageously guide and lead people to find their way.  I am calming and facilitate energy healing with my clients so that they can find their way through unchartered waters to unknown territory that they only ever dreamed of reaching.

The “Wayfinder Experience” is a private coaching experience with nine focus areas. Leaders learn their gifts in the form of their Bliss Blue Print, the undercurrents and how to Harness these rather than have them pull them under, and by way of deep connection begin to Rock Relationships. The result – Orgasmic Leadership and Living!

Are you ready to navigate your unchartered waters with me and avoid losing you or becoming the someone others expect you to become? Let’s talk, book below

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