Why Changing your Mindset won’t work


Over the last two decades education has introduced growth mindset into their programs to grow children into the adults of the future who will be a contribution. More recently people are beginning to address their state of mind through mindfulness practice and mindset programs in the workplace.

How can these practices be sustained if the teacher in the case of schools or leaders of organisations are not sustaining their own mindset practice?

Leaders are seeing the importance of this untapped potential for their organisations.  

Here is why a change of mindset cannot be sustained in the workplace or otherwise. All humans form a foundation belief system formed throughout childhood.  Each belief system is unique and provides an undercurrent for adult behaviour. This undercurrent is influenced by culture, school, parents, home life, events, losses, and trauma.  The undercurrent is at its strongest at times of stress or overwhelm. The unique undercurrent is the foundation of the subconscious safety mechanism which results the respective behaviour.

Recent research results found that 84% of the work force in the United Kingdom experienced stress. Then the same percentage of people will only be able to function from their foundation belief system around the undercurrent.  This state is disempowering and will impact the organisational culture and results. Stress, overwhelm, sickness, tension, gossip, bullying, manipulation begin to show up in the organisation and create a strong collective under tow. KPIs are not met or even valued.

Empowered cultures with growth mindsets can be sustained.  Leaders who understand their disempowered undercurrent can lead with this awareness and begin the shift to empowered teams.

What is the undercurrent influencing  your leadership?


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